As I sat and watched the whole message I was in awe of just how great our God is… There has to be something on the inside of you that allows you to be anle to connect and reconnect with the Father.  Just because your decision was solid to follow Christ does not leave the temptations of life out to sea.  They are ever-present and always waiting for you to come back.  Dare to do something different.  Dare to be a testimony for someone else that is struggling in the same manner.  Dare to stand boldly and proclaim to whom you belong.  He dwells within. He’s holding us together.

You ever have those moments where you are in the midst of doing wrong and all of a sudden you hear a worship/gospel/praise song that speaks so sweetly into your spirit that continuing on with your own desires literally makes your stomach turn.  Don’t turn away from the voice, don’t change the station because the gospel music makes u “feel strange”, don’t shush your friends that are trying to tell you of Him. 

It’s all happening for a reason….

God speaks all the time……are we listening?

Espero que Dios le bendiga….

Chao Bellas

Besitos y Brazos


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