Have Times Changed….Or Have Times Changed?




Good Evening All,

As I made it in from my daily commute from work to home I sat down and caught a bit of the news. I kinda stay away from news broadcasts because they seem to be really REALLY depressing! Someone’s dead, missing, robbed, molested, lied on, suspected, etc., etc., etc.(in my “king and i” voice lol)

However on today I saw two reports that caught my attention:

The first was the Facebook “change your profile pic to a cartoon” fad that was taking place over the weekend. Well according to the news, they believe that pedophiles came up with this “game” to lure in children who wouldnt have their guards up if someone requested them to be a friend on FB because of the fuzzy wuzzy faces on the screen. First off, what ever happened to you having to have a college email to even be on FB? What happened to having to be invited to be on the social network? I guess none of this matters now in the age of 9yr olds demanding cell phones and wearing different colored rainbow bands/lipstick to let your fellow classmates know what you’re down for or how low you can go with the lipstick on.Second, if someone doesnt reinforce the “if i dont know you, your request is gonna be ignored” train of thought back into real life I think I may stop tweeting! LIES It’s all a blur to me now as to what has happened. I feel like the old lady and want to burst out from time to time “when i was a child we walked to school barefoot in the snow for ten miles!” Ya’ll know they over exaggerate!…lol.

The second thing that caught my attention was this new Barbie that was released July 2010. This doll has a real camera embedded in the chest of Barbie where little girls are able to take pics and vids and upload them directly onto the computer. Just like the shake weight I say “what were they thinking in the brainstorming phase of this creation?” Who could have thunk this a great opportunity. I personally think its a low grade attempt for the guhment to be all up in ya ish, if the parents buy it they’re the ones to blame. You can’t blame everything on the manufacturer. I’ve never heard of a book eating a child’s hair or needing to be recalled. Just saying…lol.

I had a convo with my friend girls and I told them my kids are gonna play with pots and pans for the first five years of life. Everything in between kitchen rockstar will be reading and molding my child’s brain to receive more than one language. By age 6, I may consider some fisher price, mattel, v-tech type play things but its not going to make or break anything. As a parent you have to take responsibility for what your child consumes and i intend to do just that. Not keeping my child in a box at all because that only makes them rebel. Well rounded, cultured, thought provoking additions I plan to add to this society.

Whatever happened to the parents raising their kids, quality with G-parents during the summers in the country, climbiing trees, “either you gone stay in, or you gone stay out…but you gone stop opening and closing this door” days? Our memories, communication, and writing skills are already diminishing ala cell phones.  What next? Im scared to even imagine the possibilities.

Think I’m done now, my soapbox is starting to lean a little bit…aint got no insurance on it eevah!….hahahahaha let me stop!


Gracias por todo!

Chao Bella

Besitos y Brazos


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