Oh Eb, I never know with you….

Good day all…

If you dont know me by now, then well, you will never ever ever know me ooooooooooooo!

No, seriously. Im like the wind. One second Im here, the next Im there.  You can tell in my many hair choices.  Im not subject to a cookie cutter prototype. I would much rather look how im feeling and feel how i look ya dig!  I went natural back in october(i have yet to do an update but stay tuned) and as the hair has been growing its become an eye opening experience as to how many other styles i had not yet tapped into!

Currently I’m rocking a sew-in to try and sike myself out to the growth.  I know its growing but the SHRINKAGE of the deepest darkest layers of the enemy’s dwelling place. When its wet and conditioned its all coily and what not but oh when it gets dry!! :\

Dont worry, Im plotting for a very successful summer and come October for my one year Nappaversary me thinks I’ll get it pressed to REALLY see how its hanging!!

Lately I’ve grown real fond of the crochet braids as seen here:

aaannnd here:

they dont take long to install and can last you about a month! the older and fuzzier they get the more natural it becomes.  I use the Marley braid hair. The same kind you use for kinky twists but of course I dont twist it. Just crochet it in and voila! For that curly effect I purchased some pipe cleaners and coiled the hair around and around and…well you get it. Boiled some hot water dipped them (as my hair was being braided by the ever so lovely @lulu601 ) towel dry and apply.

In my dang near boil my whole right arm off experience, it works better to curl/dip the hair before application.  If you;re not as accident prone as me then go for the gold!!

This is my lil happy to be nappy behind a few weeks after the BC in October:

and this is where i am now:

View IMG-20110...jpg in slide show

sorry about the rotation...

and im rockin it like dis here as of today( well somewhat, couldnt upload the pick i wanted *kicks can*:

just imagine a bang in there somewhere!...lol

i’ll get better at this picture uploading stuff. just be patient wit meh!

ah well, im hungry!!! its lunch time sugahs!! GOTTA. GO!

Nada mucho hoy, lo siento

Besitos Y Brazos


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