Going Through Changes….Or Not Changing??!!


Yeah, thats usually how the convo goes…eh

 I found myself during a deep thought session yesterday on my couch, in the living room, with a blanket. No TV, noise, music, nada.  Just me and my thoughts for about a solid hour. (til the phone rang..lol)

Any hoo, sometimes I get so deep in thought that time passes by and the sun sets before I’ve paid it any attention.  However during this thought session I began to think about my age, what “should” be taking place, where I wanna be, whats up with eb, in general.  One thought popped into my brain that I’ve been pondering for some time now.  At my age (not old, old…but u know) the habits I have now, things I like to do, places I like to go is more than likely not going to change no matter how hard I try.  Im halfway to 50 and I understand that yearly you learn things about yourself that you never thunk possible however a couple things have remained constant and I believe they’ll be here to stay for a while.

Such as:

1. Im a loner

2. Right after I get off work I dont like to talk much.

3. Im a knee jerk decision maker

4. I bore easily

5. I drift off into thoughts during conversations….sometimes its noticeable *shrugs*

6. My heart and my passport  love to be on the go.

7. Im rebellious because I like to test my own limits

8. Im insatiable (so im told)

9. Complacency isnt an adjective I’m particularly fond of

10. Stability is difficult (that may be conditional though, cause Im not satisfied till the fat lady sings and all the ppl close to me are average height and weight sooooooo…..I guess it’ll continue to be difficult…lol)

11. I have an issue with leadership  direction.  (If I feel you’re not sure where you’re going/doing I aint going)

12. Im a giver (mentally I’ve bought everyone a house thats done somethn nice or said somethn nice buuuut since I dont have that kinda dough I do what I can)

Now none of this is particular to race, sex, age, religion, culture of a people.  It applies to all!!!…lol.  Hopefully this doesnt make me even more difficult to deal with which it probably does.  All Im saying is that these few things are pretty much concrete to character.  Not saying Im totally cut off to possibly evolving a couple of those numbers its just that right now, dont see it happening.

Maybe thats my issue.

Cant see the forest for the trees-itis? maybe?

If Im by myself on this one thats cool, I’ll take one for the team!

Chao Bellas

Besitos y Brazos


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