Merry ChristmaHannuKwanzica!!


Whatever it is you celebrate or reverence on today, do so with the joy and happiness that this season provides! Use this opportunity to step into a more positive light for the years to come.  Why wait until 2011 to start something new? Get mentally prepared now.  If losing weight is your resolution as it has been for the last fiddy lem years on Monday get to your nearest gym and get a jump start on the year.  You’re wanting to be nicer, more loving, warm, considerate, understanding, giving?  Just go ahead and get started now.  Im jumping my hurdles right along with you, but more now than ever. A bond is necessary for the advancement of us all.  We cant go it alone.

In the midst of preparing for a new you for the upcoming year just know that these new and improved qualities can not co-exist with what is already present within you.  You’re gonna have to make some room!  Clean up that language and clear out that hatred.  Honestly ask yourself, “who am i hurting more? myself or the other person?” I got a wake up call during a sermon on last week charging me to make room and to ask myself is there room for the King?  Is there room in my attitude, in my language, in my actions, etc.  And frankly speaking on my behalf, I’d have to admit that the King has been pretty cramped with all of my extra! As I began immediately to remove such clutter I began to feel 10lbs lighter.  I still have a stretch to go but that hurdle i leaped smoothly and the trail leg didnt lollygag behind.

Starting anew is like watering a plant.  You want it to grow so you nourish and care for it and give it the proper plant food it needs to blossom when the season comes.  Same as with you!  If you want to become a better person feed that urge or spirit if you will.  If you want to continue on the same path then well uh continue on…lol.  Whichever you feed the most is what you will reap when time comes.

Sow a seed, do a good deed.

Besitos y Brazos

Chao Bellas


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