Look, Ma! NO FUR!!!!

*clears throat* um SIR!

Im kinda torn as to whether or not to smh or a standing ovation.  I mean everyone deserves a redemptive moment in life. two or maybe even three.  But for now, I’m still on the fence…lol.

Anyways! I saw only a few clips of the butchering that takes place to these animals and I must say it is heart breaking! It doesnt get cold enough in the south to wear a fur but I do gobble on my fair share of meat. ANY KIND!…lol. I can see how soft hearts take to wanting to helping these little creatures out by tryn to save and preserve them as though they were human. watch this clip below.

Now after having watched said video, I ran across another that was just as interesting as the aforementioned! Watch

Makes for good discussion, No?

It’s always good to get a new, different, interesting tid bit of knowledge on a daily basis! I loveit, dont you?

Until next time america,

Chao Bellas,

Besitos y Brazos


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