Things to Do This Week!

Now that you’ve all calmed down from your one day of acknowledgement which should be all year anyway you can re-focus your attention to making your brain cells work and strike up some good conversations!

WHY??!! weeeelllll….obviously *antoine dodson* no one told you about whats going down in Jack-town. Have no fur mon frur!!! I’ll tell ya!

Author and Princeton University professor Cornel West will speak at Jackson State University at 7 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 17, at the Lee E. Williams Athletics and Assembly Center on the university’s main campus, located at 1400 John R. Lynch Street in Jackson. The event is one of several being presented by the JSU Division of Student Life in celebration of Black History Month. Click Here for more details

Can you say EXCIIITTEEEDDD!!!! Idk about you but I have GOT to be there! Just to be there. Its hard to explain the excitement I have or this thirst for knowledge that seems insatiable at times, but my face WILL BE in the place!

Not enough you say? Cool, not a prollum! Becaauuusssseeee….




(Intergenerational—Transferring the Legacy)
February 19-22, 2011

JACKSON, MISS. – Tougaloo College, in collaboration with the International Museum of Muslim Cultures, and other local, national, and international partners, will host two national conferences in February that will bring to Jackson scholars, artists, and community leaders to explore West Africa’s literary and musical legacy, issues of slavery and justice, and Muslim cultural identity. For more information CLICK HERE

This is one knowledge packed week I have ahead of myself! I didnt even know of the International Museum of Muslim Cultures event, but thank the Man above for little birdies that tell me these things!

Get excited people! What’s more loving than KNOWLEDGE! A little bit of it is dangerous and by acknowledging it, it’s powerful!


Get up off those teddy bears and chocolate and get up on you some history!

Now for you laid back type cats out there who are tired of your new shoes being stepped on/getting all sweaty/smelling like smoke/over the club scene….Well make your way on down to @suite106 to hear Acoustic Guitarist Kerry Thomas @anotherredhead! He was awesome in January and he’s got some great things in store for February!! He’s featured at Suite 106 every 3rd Saturday of the month! Let’s support our local artists and get into something new this weekend! You should come on thru!

yeen doin nuthn else!!

Chao Bellas,

Besitos y Brazos


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