For Colored Girls Who Went to College, Got a Degree, Got a Job and Still Confused a sto What to Do With Her Life When the Rainbow Isnt Enuf


And belieeeeeve me, I think a whole lot!


Now before I found myself on this highway to the avenue to the side street to the two-lane road of confusion….I had a plan.  Hence the word HAD. I’d come up with this 5yr plan that was gonna have me on my way in no time. Lets Recap shall we:

Here’s my list:

1. Intern w/ a well-known organization so my resume’ marketability could begin…DONE

    (Walt Disney World 2005-06)

2.  Get serious about learning another language…DONE

     (travelled abroad to Costa Rica senior semester of college)

3.  Apply to grad school at Belmont University.  Enroll in the Sports Management program. Become a translator for major league teams focusing in on baseball and soccer since they are more highly saturated hispanic sports here in the U.S……Let’s just say I have a million and two apps from Belmont. so UNDONE

Instead of Belmont, I became a translator for the Hispanic population at a health clinic for two years. Fulfilling, yes…but I felt there was more.  So I knee-jerked it to Arizona to work for a MLB team and realized “see that Master’s from Belmont would’ve helped a whole heap!” lol. Moved back home and now I’m here…just here…*shrugs*

What happened Eb? Well, life happened and some decisions had to be made and the last goal took a back seat to survival.  Now I’m on a slippery slope to Bewildered-ville with a roundtrip ticket back to the city of Perplexed only to catch a long agonizing train ride to Unclear-issippi…lol. My interests are all over the place and cant seem to hold down one solid idea before I get bored with it. 

Maybe I should have trampled over a way that with tears has been watered.  Only to end up in the place for which our fathers sighed *sigh*…Maybe sang a song full of the faith that the dark past had taught me.  Now my confusion is resounding as loud as the rolling sea. 

My advice to anyone with the same travel route as mine…STICK TO THE PLAN! they dont tell you when you graduate there’s a golden ticket waiting on you to come and pick up at gate 23.  Nope, plan the work, work the plan. I believe there’s a calling for me to fulfill just seems like I’m going all the way to New York just to end up around the corner from yo mama house.  In other words, I feel like my routes to my destination (at least I’m praying so) are all over the place to teach me lessons that I will use in this life of mine.  Now if my route can be simplified I’m all ears but I do bore easily and like for things to happen fast which is probably my main issue!

Well, Im waiting to come out from my gloomy past, till Im able to stand at last where the white gleam of my bright star is cast.

Yet with a steady beat, have not my weary feet…..Amen

Chao Bellas

Besitos y Brazos


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