Driving Miss Daisy meets Waiting to Exhale: circa 1960

Dear America, surrounding continents, members, visitors, and friends:

*sigh* my heart, mind, and stomach (cuz im hungry) is weary at this very hour…

The Help is in theatres and the masses of people are so excited to see it.  I think I’m gonna be the wet blanket on this here topic because none of the research I’ve done on this book/movie intrigues me enough to go and see The Help AKA Driving Miss Daisy meets Waiting to Exhale: circa 1960. 

Im going to apologize up front for my rant today.  Its based solely on my opinion and no I have not read or seen the movie.  I dont have to in order to have an opinion. wooooossaaaahhhh *sigh*

First off, why do all of the “The Help”-esque type movies have to take place here in the South?  People have had help/servants/maids/slaves, etc since the beginning of time ALL AROUND THE WORLD! Are we the safe haven for servitude or something? Oh, its that whole “southern hospitality” thing right? WRONG! In my STRONG humble opinion,  it’s all in people’s minds.  Do/are people still cleaning houses in Mississippi? I am so sure that they are. Are they cleaning them up in New York, Cali, Florida, etc? you can bet your bottom dollar but do they set up movies there? Nope. They’d rather bring their equipment down here to the “poe dunk” southern parts and relive “their” rendition of the slavery/civil rights eras. Yes, I get offended when “others” try and tell my history.  Not mine exactly but the history of my ancestors.  The Middle Passage wasnt a pier that you walked down before dipping your toes in the water ma’ams and sirs! NO! I slick go o_O when someone, other than a human being that is of the same race as me, attempts to spoon feed me black history.  Are they qualified on the subject? sure they have degrees…right? Thats why only Malcolm and Martin get recognized right? C’mon Son…

I know Mississippi isnt all that sweet and innocent nor will it ever be but some of ya’ll are just choosing to wear the mask.  Dont let Viola and Rocsi curb your opinions on everything.  Do we eat fried foods? yes, but the last time i checked KFC, Popeyes, Church’s, etc can be found AROUND the country.  Given the population estimates WE ARENT THE MAJORITY!!! so who’s helping to keep these chicken jawnts open? And given the research on that dreaded foolishness called Fried Kool-Aid that’s over in Cali! BUUUTTTT since we’re southern and eat fried foods and are leading the nation in obesity, its gotta be us right? no, stop ur assumptions IMMEDIATELY! I’ve never seen/heard of/tasted or smelled anything akin to fried kool-aid! What will they come up with next? hmmmm…yeah any hoo..

I have had people be shocked that I’m from Mississippi cuz they think we still out here in overalls straw hats barefoot and pregnant and some be afraid to even come to Mississippi, but check this: If you’ve already made up your mind about Mississippi dont come to me with your sideways information from TVland and what your great great great great grandmama done told you.  I’ll check you everytime! Now, I’ll admit, I am ready to leave this place but not because of the age old issues pointed out in the countless feel good movies for the melanin deficients of the world who want to be hand held and patted on the back and reassured that their ONE count’em ONE token “best” black friend wont come and hate them for the rest of their lives.  Alot of thngs happen here in Mississippi just like it does everywhere else.  Im not completely sure as to what the fascination is with throwing Mississippi under the bus with every opportunity given.  Just with people who are afraid to come here, there are alot more who come and wouldnt dare think about moving. Grow up people!

Let Mississippi be Mississippi, we’re not trying to steal your shine…sheesh!

P. S.:

Who?! I repeat WHO!! is gonna wear that shirt?

G. R. I. T. S
Girl Raised In The South

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