And He Spoke…

February 17 will mark the day my eyes were truly opened. Everything I’ve ever thought, felt, or assumed about the state of consciousness and well being of a people were confirmed by Dr. Cornel West. Never have I ever seen a man of his stature, age, status deliver a moving speech that had me literally on the edge of my seat. Hanging on to every word for dear life. Anxiously awaiting the periods, the comas, the semi colons, the exclamation points of his speech, but to my surprise you can’t predict what comes out of his mouth.

Instead of celebrating the same ppl who get recognition every year, in every way he touched on the importance of ancestral appreciation. The movement didn’t just happen with the greats, it was happening while we (as a ppl) were yet singing and rejoicing silently in the woods. After all the massa’s work has been done, chillun ‘tended to, and all the leftovers from the meals have been rationed to our forefathers they still found the energy to “do something” in love. “Love is what justice looks like in public”, he says. So many thoughts went swirling through my head about where my generation and the generations yet to come stand in this ever changing world and Dr. West said it best, “we’re drifting”. Just existing. Mama’s over worked and under-paid, daddy’s nowhere around and here I am left to figure it all out while society is telling me who I am, where I’m going to be in the next few years, what I “look like”. In my line of work I see the soul-less faces that could care less about what they’re doing, or how they’re gonna affect their own future. They DON’T care! They don’t know what caring looks like. Not to mention the self-hating African Americans who only want to socialize, live, breathe, and dare I say it, BE persons of the majority race. It’s self hatred. It’s a sickness. It’s a tolerated ignorance that we’re passing down to the generations to come, yet you ask “what’s wrong with them?” YOU, ME, WE are what’s wrong with them! Assuming since you’ve made it to a particular level in life you “think” you’ve made it. You haven’t left the garage, car keys still inside the house under the sofa seat if you think that. We are so far from “making it” it’s ridiculous. You’ve gotten comfortable with your inch and you’re not even fighting for the mile. You’re DRIFTING! Something similar to an empty plastic bag in a strong gust of wind. Wherever the wind commands you to move is when you do. Straighten up your backs. Get whoever and whatever is riding it, off!

Stimulating and thought provoking with every word expressed he uses music and proclaims “As a christian, I’m a Jesus loving Free Black Man!” Stating how no matter where you are in life there should be an appreciation of all things. All music, all literature, types of thought, types of ideas, types of ppl. But before you can appreciate and love someone else, you’ve gotta love self first in order to love properly. He tells the “young folk” Forget what you’re doing or hope to do from 9-5 and figure out what your life’s calling is. What are you doing between “the womb and the tomb?” Let’s stop trying to be successful and let’s start being GREAT!

In referencing Socrates he says, “the unexamined life is not worth living”. Its much more difficult to search within the darkness of self and critically examine who WE are as oppose to pointing the finger to everyone else. Its a fight between the flesh and the Spirit, a daily killing of the flesh in order to function outside of our own selfish wants and desires. Even in the face of injustice, some of the most traumatic of situations we still come out fighting with love in search of justice for the future. But we’re losing our voice. It’s a lot of echoes happening in the world. Cornel West: “The question is how will we use our voices. Who will tell the Truth!” We’re getting too comfortable, accepting what’s being given, afraid to think outside the box, afraid to suffer. Who’s children are we? Surely our forefathers weren’t martyred so that we could continuously become weaker in mind, weaker in spirit, weaker in speech, weaker in our wanting to live free from mental bondage, financial shackles, and generational chains.

Cornel West: “Lil Wayne is a lyrical genius but he can learn alot from David Banner and Brad Kamikaze Franklin” now the only reason I included this in this post is because there was a young lady seated a few seats away from me dressed her “greek” jacket, with her “pearls”, make up, nails, and hair all done. Shirt, skirt, and heels. In his mentioning of Lil Wayne this young lady became slightly offended UNTIL Dr. West said that he was a lyrical genius. After that statement she was the ONLY one clapping. I hastily side-eyed my BF and he chuckled and whispered, “kill yoself”…lol. (Not literally) but kill your train of thought. IMMEDIATELY! What has Lil Wayne done for you lately….like seriously. You’re more worse off than Alicia cause “he don’t know your name”…lol. At least Alicia saw ol dude coming in the cafe everyday. Sheesh! (Anyhoo) Music is so powerful yet its being used ever so recklessly to suck in a culture of a ppl that are still trying to figure out who they are. And since we’re lost, you think they’re gonna take time to come find you? Really? You’re really lost AND losing!

I think I’m gonna stop while I’m ahead. *sigh* There’s just so much to say with so little time and too few ears. Sad day for whoever reads me blogs cause I just heard Dr. West then this weekend is the Conference at the Muslim Museum. I’m getting my fill of history and education this week, I sure you’re doing the same…

Anything else? Feel free to comment below!

Chao Bellas,
Besitos y Brazos


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