The NEVER ENDING Issue….*sigh*

I think I watched this clip a while back and sat thinking to myself, “what is her deal!” I am totally whole-heartedly on that man’s side.  Now I may be partial in my decison to swing his way, but after you see the whole move/documentary in its entirety you might agree. 

Some may not cause you’re just bent on being angry. But oh well unto you.  This man was bending over backwards, being a great provider, father, husband, and everything else under the sun that so many self proclaimed “strong black women” want out of their man.  Now dont get me wrong, just because he was awesome in every way doesnt need to be mistaken that they were meant for each other.  Sometimes its just not gonna work. However, when a break-up/divorce has been agreed upon and he’s knocking at the door trying to pick up his daughter, here you go tripping cause he has a white woman in the front seat.


Would you be less angry had it been a sister? or are you just angry cuz now you KNOW you treated him like scum between the toes of a homeless man? Personally speaking I prefer black men all day, however Im not opposed to anything.  If thats what makes your clock tick, then do you.  But dont go getting ignorant and with-holding the visitation of children, trying to put people on blast in front of company or you’ll stumble away with your tail between your legs like this here young lady. 

THIS is the never ending issue! I dont care how many movies, documentaries, blogs, notes, diaries, biographies are done on it….it’ll still be the same thing, same entries, same responses across the board. That’s why its never ending.  Im no he-man woman hater, but ladies we do need to take a few extra looks in the mirror before approaching a situation like this.  Your friends are miserable and lonely (not all of them, just an unusually vast majority) and they’re just waiting on you to come on through Single City’s main entrance.  Look at Jennifer on BBW. Evelyn cant wait to get her single, but guess who (supposedly anyways) is engaged and boo’d up with OchoCinco…ya’ll better watchya friends. :o)

This Sunday my pastor spoke about growing up.  Let’s go ahead and mark that on our calenders, to-do lists, memorandums, etc.

Today I need to: GROW UP!

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Well Good Day All!!

Im still shuffling boxes around and putting this, there and that, over there. I moved from blogspot because I can be a tad bit more creative over here.  It’s alot more thinking that goes into it, but in the end I think its for the best.

Any hoo!

Chao Bellas!

Besitos y Brazos


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2 responses to “The NEVER ENDING Issue….*sigh*

  • SP

    The first thing that stuck out to me was the way the scenario is constructed around this idea of the male breadwinner and the woman not working, which is very unrealistic right now, and for the majority of black people, always has been. That type of situation creates this idea of the woman getting everything and being unappreciative but never questions the benefits that we as men receive from such an arrangement.

    But aside from that, I agree that the mentality that some dudes adopt towards black women that make them prefer to date women of other races is unfortunate. A hatred towards one thing being the foundation of love towards something else is a shaky ass foundation. I just honestly don’t believe there’s this bulk of angry blk women who care THAT much. It’s like this ‘angry black woman’ myth is replacing the myth of the ‘welfare queen’ from the 1980s.

    • EbJohn

      I agree, there isn’t a “bulk”. Just a few who may disagree and that’s within their own right. I take offense in the reasoning some men have. Its almost like its to get back at us or somethn. Angry men, angry women….when can we all just get back to happy!! :o)

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