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Crochet Braids with Marley Braid hair…

This was done about 2yrs ago…

Ok eryones! the time has come for me to break it on down for ya.

I’ve gotten lots of comments and inquiries from the method/ technique in whic i use to create my crochet braids. I’m going to attempt to explain as best as possible on this blog.

ok…here goes!

1. Visit your local hair store and purchase 5-7 packs of Marley Braid Hair (it will look like a bag of dreads but trust me its what you want).

2. Wash and condition your own hair (or however you choose to prepare your hair for styling)

3. While hair is either wet or dry (completely up to you) begin to braid about 10-12 cornrows straight to the back.

4. After cornrowing your hair, get your marley braid hair and proceed to do one of two texture methods:

a. purchase pipe cleaners from your  nearest hobby lobby, michael’s, etc. with these pipe cleaners you will take the hair as is and fold them in half. Once folded in half make a loop with the bent part and begin to twist the free standing pieces all the way to the end. It should look like a sewing needle once finished twisting. Get your marley braid hair and (in half as well) match the looped ends of the hair and pipe cleaner together. hold tightly and begin to wrap the hair around the pipe cleaner. Every now and again you may have to scrunch it up to make more room towards the end of the cleaner.  Once you’ve made it to the end, with the extended piece of pipe cleaner thats left, fold it over so that it may hold the hair in place. Should look like a small spindle with yarn once completed. Now, complete this on every strand of hair in each package. It may take a while so keep pressing on my sisters! After all hair has been wrapped around pipe cleaners set it aside. Now you need to make your way into the kitchen and boil about 4-5 cups of water (or however many cups will allow the hair to be completely submerged).  Bring the water to a boil and insert the bundles of hair as you see fit accourding to space in the boiling pot you have. Make sure to have a towel and a pair of tongues nearby. Once submerged for a good 5-7minutes use the tongues to extract the hair from the pot onto the towl. let sit and dry for a spell. once cooled off, unwrap the hair from the pipe cleaner and VOILA! you’ve got curls!

or B. Take the Marley hair and as it is in the package leave the rubberband on it.  Section into a couple sections to be braided as in a plait. do about 3 plaits on either side of the rubber band to make 6 plaits total. Continue with the rest of the hair you’ve purchased.  Once completed, same routine as the pipe cleaner. boil water, dip, and dry, and insert.

Once you have done either of these proceed as you would with regular crochet braids.  I began to dip the hair before application because I had a pretty icky burn experience to occur.  The hair will dry and will begin to look more and more natural after about 1 week or so.  be sure to continue to moisturize your scalp as you would with any other extensions.  I wouldn’t recommend them for a serious shampoo/condintioning but if you invest in a good dry shampoo im sure it will last you a good while based on your own maintenance.

Don’t get me wrong, you can use ANY kind of hair for crochet braids, however my hair is natural and it just doesn’t sit well with me having my edges looking like Shaka Zulu’s lineage and the hair being all shiny and Alicia Silverstone-like.  To each his/her own of course.  Just wanted to throw my technique/ method out there!

Here’s a recent image of some crochet braids from a few months ago:

View IMAG0038.jpg in slide show  View IMAG0016.jpg in slide showView IMAG0013.jpg in slide showView IMAG0023.jpg in slide show

Hope this helps!!

Thanks for reading!


Los Pensamientos de EbJohn

America, America, America…Mens, womens, and chirrens…gather round gather round…

As of last year, I have taken a step back from the physicalities of the dating world and BOY am I glad that I did! In my sobriety I have had the opportunity to experience and witness some of America’s wackest of inidividuals!

Wack, as defined by the urban dictionary is something (and I’ll say someONE’s) that just plain suck, or isn’t cool at all! Yes! I agree…

The twist in these observations isn’t necessarily about the men I’ve encountered but moreso on the things that I have learned about  myself.  I’m grateful…

I have learned that:

1.) I am an ever-evolving changing human being.

I am just not done in this caterpillar/butterfly process.  I have so much to learn, so much to share, so much to see.  The funny part of it all is that even though these er…

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