Scared Bunny or Smart Cookie?

ya'll just dont understand...*sigh*


Good Day ALL! {and just to answer the question, I’m a smart cookie! ;0)}

*sigh* so, I was reading over at this article of this lady’s convo with her guy friend during a casual lunch.  The conversation of having children popped up she says, “no I dont want any” and he hits her with the stank face.  Now this is the article located here. Please read it.  She has a very good point and I so totally understand where she’s coming from.

I hear ya sister!

As soon as I say I’m in no rush to marry nor have (IF i have) children I get hit with the “you say that now” “whats wrong with you” *stank face* *blank stare* ALLADAH time!  Im sorry you guys but if I was the type to go through life to make others lives meaningful then I would gladly pop out a few too many babies and enter into a miserable marriage cuz that’s what you guys do/did, right? and you want me to be like you, right?


Just let me be me.  I promise I’m not going to try and change who you are and what you stand for.  Everyone goes through life with their own mantras and understandings as to how it works but please, for the life of me, don’t force your unwanted view of life onto me. Especially the “well my grandmother told me like this so it’s like this” mentality. Please. Keep. To. Self!  I’m quite blunt when pushed into a corner and it can get pretty ugly.  I’m not perfect at all. TRUST!


Don’t get me wrong, children are a blessing. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing children be born to couples who genuinely and sincerely like AND love each other.  It brings me great joy.  But if I go to another baby shower, and people (as random as they may be) come up and ask where is my, when are you going to have, why haven’t you had any children questions I’m going to scream! My plan is to just fedex all gifts from here on out.  My confusion is, why is it so important that I have children? You got yours, right? ok! be happy! Let my womb be!

When I reach a mental, emotional, financial capacity to FIRST get married then we’ll see. But please believe buddy will know from jump that birthing babies like bunnies is not my forte.

Live and let live! I’ll baby-sit like nobody’s bidness but when it comes to process the thought of pushing one out? iCan’t.  just can’t.  You who do are strong individuals.  Im too last minute and too “don’t bother me” to bring such precious gifts into the world. 

She says:

Let me explain:

From a practical sense, the world is not in a place where it’s lacking in mouths to feed. By many standards, we’re actually quite overpopulated. And worse yet, there are countless children who are starving, don’t have a home, and don’t even have someone to call “mommy” or “daddy.”

I’ve always had a strong admiration for people who adopt children because I feel like they have selflessly undertaken the responsibility of caring for a child that is already here. So hypothetically speaking, I could argue that simply wanting to have your “own” children, while knowing that there are tons of other children who are in desperate need of a home, is the truly “selfish” act. I actually posed this argument to my friend because he isn’t interested in adopting. He does want to have children. And when I asked him why his stance should not be perceived as “selfish,” his only response was, “Oh, that’s a different thing though.”

Yeah suuuurrrreeee there’s a difference. uh huh. whatever helps you sleep at night bruh….lol.

Go on, cast your judgement ballots now….ion eem care! ;o)

C’est la vie

Besitos y Brazos


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4 responses to “Scared Bunny or Smart Cookie?

  • InnovativeMind

    That is real, people sensibilities are not your own, and to hell what the rest say! Admire this women, and adopting is on my forefront

  • EbJohn

    hey! thanks for commenting!!

  • Thomas

    I feelz ya E-bone. I couldn’t tell you how many times people ask me when I plan on having kids. I give them the answer, and they’re like, ” why do you want to wait so long?” Thankfully, Morgan and I share the same views when it comes to “chullins” and that is this…If I don’t have the financial/economic stability to comfortably maintain myself then WHY would I bring a child into the situation? You stated my point exactly about people doing what their grandparents did. That’s ESPECIALLY prevalant in the South. Do what you want to do is what I say because ultimately you will be the one to have to deal with it…Peace

  • EbJohn

    YES thomas YES! they want you to pop out all these kids and then jump “busy” when you need a babysitter. they can miss me with that one!…lol. thanks for stopping by and reading!!

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