Morning Conversations: Settle Down vs Settling

Meechie HallYou have to learn to build with someone. everyone has to eventually settle for someone. settling only means when u ready to stop dating and give someone a chance. no one is perfect and everyone has to learn to love each other the right way. glad you got what God has planned for you figured out. believe me you never know where you will find love.

16 hours ago ·
  • Ebone Johnson‎”Settle down” and “settling” should not be confused.

    16 hours ago ·
  • Meechie HallWhen u ready to settle down or settling down. U look for what right with a dude not what’s wrong. Its more timing than having everything perfect

    15 hours ago ·
  • Ebone Johnson

    The entire dating process is a series of selecting what’s right with a dude vs what’s wrong. U determine which flaws u can handle and either decide to stay or go. Settle down is when u know without a shadow of a doubt that ur current mate i…s “the one” so there’s no need in acquiring anyone else’s attention or time. Settling is when quality opportunities are/have presented themselves to you but due to ur current mentality, life situations, fear of ACTUALLY being happy you stay where you are in fear of “rocking the boat”. You know there’s something better for you but out of not knowing the unknown you “settle” for what u have vs what u want/need.
    3 hours ago ·
  • Ebone Johnson

    Simple Ex: I need a pen to write with but all I have in my current reach is a pencil. Is the document I need to sign important enough that I need to put in effort to search and locate a pen? Even if it means stepping out of my office(comfo…rt zone) to anxiously track down the pen that is the right color, flows awesomely on paper, ink doesn’t skip, has copious amounts of ink and once this pen has been located I determine hmmm, this is an awesome pen. I need this around. I can’t imagine writing with another pen. OR am I gonna just use the pencil that’s within my reach cuz I’m to lazy to get up get out and do something?
    3 hours ago
Meechie Hall

Looking for happiness is hard enough. Change is constant. Poor get rich and rich gets poor. Players get tired of having hoes. Etc…The divorce rate is high because people are not seeking happiness anymore. These qualifications and seeking …better is why older men leave a wife for the younger version cause they don’t wanna settle. When u get older everyone is going to be stable with a good job and in Church. Flaws are going to be buried deep. Men learn to be qualified to find a wife instead of being good husbands. If u seek happiness and give that man what he needs. A happy relationship creates a happy family. The work overcoming flaws is what builds the strength in relationships. I’m not sayn date flawed men but I suggest u seek happiness first. Flaws change…See More
2 hours ago ·

  • Ebone Johnson

    First off everybody AND they mama is flawed!…lol!I can agree flaws change for we are all ever evolving creatures, however, there are MAIN flaws that show in the beginning of any dating process that both men AND women casually overlook. Of…ten times followed by phrases such as, “I thought he/she would change” or “I mean I knew but, I didn’t know it’d be like this”. The divorce rate is high because people watch too much tv, get married based on the idea vs the reality of marriage, or just flat out get married for the wrong reasons anyway. But what does this example have to do with settle down vs settling?See More
    2 hours ago ·
  • Ebone JohnsonBesides if ur “looking” for happiness does that not somehow indicate you, yourself, deep within aren’t happy? Why look for it when u can just BE happy. I’ve never seen a genuinely content and happy person without company. Now debbie downer or depressed devaughn that’s another story. Check ur aura. Are u even attracting happiness?

    2 hours ago ·
  • Meechie Hall

    Its about being ready to be happy. Like u said everyone has flaws when u don’t look for the flaws. Settling is about u being ready not about a guys flaws. When u ready people change. I just have seen it happen a few time. None of what I say… is in the books. I’m not married or even good at relationship. Just tryn to sound deep on facebook! This is too much reading and writing to start my day out with. Cakes with her damn topics! I do not disagree with yal tho. U know when u meet or have met that person.
    about an hour ago ·
  • Ebone JohnsonWhy not get ur day started with a healthy debate? Get ur brain going and ur mojo all worked up? Ur not married? Not good at relationships? Hhmmmm this has all become humorous now…any hoo! Engage and intrigue ur or someone else’s mental space today and BE the happy that u seek! Cuidate

    about an hour ago ·
  • Meechie HallExactly my point!

    about an hour ago
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