Old Things are Passed Away…

though i burn in the fires of my trials and tribulations, up from my own ashes i rise. i am renewed, restored, and stronger Phoenix

Im not her anymore

Im not there anymore

Each day is different

Everyday I change

I change hair






my mind




I change.

for the better?

its arguable

but the fact remains

Im changing

So if once the old things pass away

and all things become new

why is it more comforting to cling

 to that which is behind you

the newness of the new is scary

but necessary

the opportunity to embark in new

sends us into fight or flight mode.

i fight

with everything i am

i have

and will ever know

i press

i move


change. is. good


About RejectedThrifts

REcreating, REstyling, and REpurposing the Average Jane's closet one REJECTED piece at a time! View all posts by RejectedThrifts

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