Who. Comes. Up. With. This. Stuff!!!?

Wait…Did you see it? Right there…naw not that, THAT!

My first time seeing the most hilarious thing placed between two fingers was while i was viewing Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  This Allison “medium inspiration but since i know everthing im gonna blast all your business to the world” Duboius character is hilarious! She is just-a puffing away on this electronic joke (in my opinion)…lol.

Like for really doe? Who comes up with this stuff. As she’s dragging on this CigaNOT it looks as if it brings her such pleasure to NOT be smoking.  I’m thoroughly confused.  So what do ya do when you’s confused? READ!

So the PC term is eCigs.  They’re used to ween(sp) smokers from cigarettes.  And that sounds AMAZING! HOWEVER, there is an  eCigs starter kit .

kits include batteries, cartridges (preferably cartomizers), a charger and,  a good selection of refills.

A refill and a charger and batteries….oh my!

 Charger’s usually re-up a device once it has run out of juice, right? Soooooo, if the goal is to STOP smoking then why charge up the eCig? Are you now just dependent on blowing smoke out of your mouth and holding something between your fingers? is this gonna form a new dependency?

I just wonder who comes up with this stuff.  Another mystery to me is the…you guessed it! The shake weight! WHo…WHa…WHy….I just…*sigh*

There is just no rest for my weary widdle soul…lol

This was really random. Have an awesometastic weekend!

Chao Bellas

Besitos y Brazos


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