Close Yo Eyes When You Talkin To Me!

Too much you say, well CLOSE YO EYES!

Just how distracting is beauty?

Can men and women co-exist without being made aware that they are THE distraction in school, workplace, meetings, public transportation, etc?

Understandably we are all human creatures and very visual to say the least but just how does beauty get you? Im gonna stay as far outside of this box personally as possible and just speak on the matter as is. 

When I was in Florida a big hooplah was made about this young lady named Debra LaFave who was sleeping with her 14yr old student.  What does this have to do with beauty you ask? Well ask the lawyer that represented the case.  For it was said that Mrs. Lafave was “too young and pretty” to go to prison.  Was she awarded jail time? NOPE!

Alot of teen boys wouldn’t dare call “sleeping with the teacher that they dream about anyway rape or molestation” or even consider it jail worthy. They got their kicks to the chick they’ve been drooling over since elementary and he put 5 apples on her desk just because. 

Can beauty REALLY get you out of doing time? Alot of assumptions come along with beauty as I read and live daily in a society where everything is going backwards! 

Who deems me a distraction? Is that more of a personal issue? When do you move past looks and actually look at the resume’?  Have you heard anything I said or are you scrolling trying to see the picture?

These questions further allow me to see just how male driven this world is.  I do understand that there is a time and place for all behavior, attire, and opinions, however, do my looks really offend you or award you in some strange, crazy, deranged way? Did my promotion come because my suit fit just right, or that my argument could actually hold up in court?

OH, ok I get it.  So now I can’t come around cuz your friends dont know how to blink to keep from staring? Am I being vain? yes you are eb Well let me go…*sigh*

Im just full of randoms today, so forgive me….

Algo mas?

Chao Bellas

Besitos y Brazos


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