Cant Win for Winning. #theStruggle. its REAL!

You can’t win You can’t break even And you can’t get out of the game

Hola mi gente!

It’s been a while..i know, i know. Please forgive me.
Any hoo, this here is long overdue.  LONG OVERDUE!  I have an issue America and you’re gonna listen.  Do you want to? i don’t care , do you need to? YES!


Here I am:

  • an African American woman
  • 20something
  • educated (however you want to take and use that word, im that)
  • doing ok for myself: car, dwelling place, etc
  • get my run on from time to time
  • single
  •  funny
  •  gawgeous (if i do say so myself)
  • never been married
  • no kids
  • no drama

and I get hit with these off side, back handed ignorant, incomplete notions about my sanity on the regular because I have “it” together.

The phrasing exactly is (after said male is informed of my awesometasticness): Something must be wrong with you?

Ya know, I’m starting to believe that as much as men SWEAR they dont want a woman with alot of baggage, chirrens, and mens all over the place, they are indeed lying to themselves. SERIOUSLY!  I can only speak for myself, but I find it quite comical that once they realize I aint “her” they get all jittery. Like there’s not enough drama-filled excitement in my life for them. 

Por ejemplo: Guy calls after oh, idk, maybe 3-4days of no communcation. here goes:

Boy: Good Morning (skeptical voice)

Girl: Hey, whats up? How is your vacation going? (in a pleasant cheery tone)

Boy: hmmm, interesting…

Girl: Your trip was interesting? thats whats up

Boy: Nah, i mean, yeah it was cool but I wasnt expecting this kind of reaction from you.

Girl: Reaction? What reaction? (face looks about like this o_O)

Boy: Oh, nothing. I just figured since I hadnt called you in a few days that you’d have an attitude or be like “hey stranger”

Girl: Um, oh?

Boy: yeah I know crazy right?

Girl: Right…o_O

Boy: I was just trying to test and see how you’d act if I wasnt calling you all the time.  I must say your reaction was    refreshing.

Girl: oh…um ok? Im not really familiar with this testing that you speak of, you dont necessarily have to explain yourself to me nor test me.  Im not a child.  I figure if you want to talk you’ll call, silly me o_o

Boy: yeah i know…

OK! stop the madness! PLEASE! now I do understand and know some women who would fit this description however i don’t care enough I’m not the one. Why do men WANT you to have an attitude? I’m starting to believe that they don’t like peace in their homes, or peace of mind at that. 

The other I’ve heard is the “i’m looking for flaws now, cuz this could be too good to be true” nonsense.  I swear before cheese and crackers, right hand on the latest publication of Jet and Ebony magazine, something is more wrong with men than we choose to acknowledge.  There are some really scarred individuals wearing “swag” clothing (forgive me for using that word).

What’s happening? What have I missed? What book did I not read? What midterm or final did I skip in college?


So basically I can’t win cause I’m winning? Right? no? yes? huh? Goodness color me confused!!

I guess those crows were right about one thing:


Ease on down the road ya’ll…

Besitos y Brazos!!



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