I Got That Karaoke Courage! I’ll Sing YOU and YO Crew Under the Table!!


Testing…Testing 123…*pats mic*

Can you hear me?  Wow these lights are bright! Um…

Alright down to bitness, Thanksgiving was a blast! Round of applause to all the cooks reading this! but the standing ovation goes to stomachs who endured the pain with no complaints!!!!…lol

Thanksgiving night I was bored and had kind of already seen the Beyonce concert on ABC so I was reading tweets and one of them stuck out! Fuegos for Karaoke! FREE too! shooooo…so I annoyed my sis and cousin into coming with me! Free fun is always ALWAYS great fun!

So we get to Fuegos and it was an outside bar! Very reminiscent of all things South of the border! (as in the outside bar/restaurant part. not the random anlgo’s in rainbow fru fru tutu’s…lol thats american for sure!) any hoo…I get there wave to familiar faces crack some jokes, slap my knee a couple times then i get handed THE BOOK and PENCIL! oh yeah, its gettn serious now! Follow me now…

So my sis and cousin were soooooo nervous to sing in front of the GINORMOUS crowd of 8! So i told them hey, once you do one song, it’ll be outta your system and you’ll be ready to rock the stage solo!

First and foremost: Gotta have a moment of silence for the anglo-saxon brother who got up and RIPPED THE MIC with Naughty by Nature’s O.P.P.! he didnt even read the screen!!!

1st Song as a trio: BILLS BILLS BILLS…lol

Before the music fired up I gave a lil commentary on how this song is so fitting in relation to our economy and the fact that the rent IS indeed to D@#$ high! Also i dedicated my t-shirt that read, “Broke is the New Black”…lol. So we get going and I swear I had never heard the extended version of Bills Bills Bills until I had to prepare myself for a second wind.  Everytime I thought we were finished the chorus came around two more times…sheesh destiny’s chirren! we gets the pernt….round of applause and we were done.


The chicas conquered their first song! YYAAAAYYY!!! So back to the book!…lol.

My sis and cousin chose a great classic that all the ladies crooned to, SWV’s Weak! aahhh yeah..memories!

2nd Song Proud Mary

I was Tina and they were the Ikettes. SHoooo I even had some to dude to get on stage and screm “eat the cake ana mae” in between the verses! awesomeness…lol. Now when I say I sang that thang so good that we were rolling down the river with NO wawdah! I had the “tina” voice, ex nay on the “tina” hair but i did whip it!…lol!!! I was smoove on the mic!…lol.  The Ikettes rolled and the crowd attempted the kick/punch combo dance move that we all love so well (i bet they wont put THAT choreography on the new dance game for Kinect! you’ll pass out for sure.) Tiring it was but fun, fun, fun!

Now in saying this, if you asked me to sing something solo by myself I’d probably shrivel up like a prune!  I get nervous on the spot and never really attempt to sing for real in front of people. Karaoke helps me out because I have YET to see any of the people I see at karaoke night anywhere else and further more we ALL sound horrifically great at karaoke.  There’s no scale of horrible when no one in the joint can sing!


Some people can really sing who get up on the stage, which turns my stomach everytime.  You can sing in public for pete’s sake! Let us have our moment!…lol. but we the terrible ones outnumber them so i feel just that much more comfy gettn on stage singing to my other not so talented, deficient vocal chorded, tone deaf audience. 

Yeah in the daytime i cant sing and thats cool, but at night with a down and out dj, THE book and pencil, and a thousand songs to choose from……you dont wanna see me..TRUST!

rum tummy tummy, rum tummy tummy, rum tummy tummy, ho ho ho!

Chao Bellos,

Besitos y Brazos


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