What’s The Point of All This, If You’re Not Gonna Let It Change You?


   Two quotes I’m fond of at this very moment:

1. “You can change your world by changing your words… Remember, death and life are in the power of the tongue.”

– Joel Osteen


2. “When you focus on being a blessing, God makes sure that you are always blessed in abundance.”

– Joel Osteen

If you have not had the opportunity to see the indie movie “To Save a Life” I suggest you do so and quickly. Sure it’s a teen movie but the underlying messages and true to life occurences make for a good, thought-provoking movie night.

I was afforded the opportunity to watch this movie due to a training retreat for my job.  The next morning we had to discuss and say how the movie makes for a great guide for working with our children in care of the state. 

Now, in the actual moment of hearing that we grown folk had to sit our butts down like some little kids and watch a kiddie flick, I’ll admit I was not a happyy camper.  All selfish thoughts were rolling on the river and the compaints flowed from my mouth like the mighty Mississippi.  I cooperate (and plus I’m the new kid on the block) so DURR I go and watch the movie. 

Simply put, that movie exceeded my expectations without a shadow of a doubt! How often do we pass up our chance to speak life into broken spirits? Glance over perfect opportunities to bless others? Do all the talking and never take a step to walk it?

Am I judging? NOT AT ALL! I’m ridiculously guilty of the line, ” welp, it aint my problem” or “my little bit is gonna make a big difference? nuh uh!”.  But as a believer in God and striving daily (it’s hard ya’ll) to put into practice what I am learning, I pose a simple question: What’s the point of all of this if you’re not gonna let this change you?  Thats the line the main character of the movie, Jake, gave at a youth meeting.  But if you think about it, whats our purpose in being fake? Giving the world almost everything and attempting to sell God what’s left.

In making the choice to be a follower doesn’t ensure that your walk is going to be one of simple easy strides.  Everyday is a rigorous struggle, pre-thinking process, choice challenge! But I’m getting off topic

AAAAAnnnnd I’m back…This particular post isnt intended to offend, point fingers, or blast anyone.  But if following Him isn’t something that you’re really intentionally trying to pursue, please do some soul searching because at times, we are the only physical vision of Christ for those who never have, used to, never will believe in the one true living God.  We are made in His image, but when they see you, do they see Him?

My BF told me once that I give too much, sometimes unknowingly. At first I was offended but then as i thought on it, began to take great pride.  I don’t have nor can I offer/afford much.  All I have are my talents and gifts that I use to try and bless others. 

I almost missed a chance to be a blessing by wanting to charge someone for one of my talents.  After a few minutes or so, a word spoke in my spirit to just do it for no reward.  I responded and said dont worry about the money, just pay it forward to someone else.  The person responded with much gratitude stating that they really didnt have the money but would have spent it anyways because they wanted it done. 

Don’t miss your opportunity to speak a blessing, be a blessing, or let someone bless you…

Listening is key…He speaks all the time.

Chao Bellas

besitos y brazos….habla vida!


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