Sooo er um….You’re Just Gonna Tell Me Who I Am?…



Me:  Ok, ladies.  I need you guys to sign in.

(Signing in consists of name, age, race, dob,etc)

Student 1: (Yells) Girl, yeen mixed!

Student 2: YES I AM!

Student 1: Yeen mixed! you white! Im mixed cuz my hair straight!

Student 2: (huffs) YES I AM! sheesh…

Student 1: Whatever yeen mixed. you dont even look mixed!

Me: How are you able to determine if she’s mixed or not?

Student 1: Cuz, she aint. Im mixed and she doesnt look me!

Me: So just because she doesnt look a certain way, gives you the right to say what she is and what she isnt?

Student 1: Well, she dont got hair like mines, she dont look like me!

Me: What does your hair have to do with anything? If I was ignorant I’d say you werent mixed.

Student 1: Well, my hair is straighter than black people hair. ALL black people have nappy hair and I dont.

Me: Have you seen ALL black people?

Student 1: Nope,  I stayed with the white part of my family all the time.

Me: Well, until you’ve met ALL the black people and ALL mixed people you have no grounds to tell this young lady who she is….. Let’s begin shall we?…

End of Convo.

Now as heated as I was going back and forth with this young lady, I had to constantly take deep breaths before each question to ensure that I wouldnt snap on her.  I also have to keep in mind that my experiences arent theirs. 

Plus allowing the television to raise your kids does NOT help their intellectual ability to keep their mouths shut when they dont know what they speak of.

Any hoo,

Student 1, who was a mix of black and white, was getting angry at the fact that Student 2, who just “looked” like a white girl, was signing in as a mixed female.  She didnt specify what she was mixed with during this dialogue but I wouldnt have allowed her to.  There is no law that says specify who you are so that others can believe you.  She could have been mixed with Hispanic, Asian, another mixed race, or maybe even black. 


When you’re in the womb you dont choose which color best suits your personality and then burst out with such.  Science doesnt work in your favor. 

The only reason I became more and more angered is because I’ve seen blue eyed/blonde hispanics, black people who speak spanish, asians who dont speak chinese/mandarin, hispanics who dont speak spanish, asians who speak spanish in a spanish speaking country, white people from south africa, fair skinned Africans, white people who’ve NEVER seen a person of color, etc.  I could go on, but I’ll spare you.  People look at me strange if I engage in a conversation with a hispanic person.  The same question: How do you know how to speak spanish? Now my answer differs depending on the person. If its a hispanic person I say “como sabe hablar el ingles?” (How do you know how to speak english?) Not being sarcastic but its literally the exact same way they learn/learned. For english speakers I keep it simple and say “cultural immersion”.  In a nutshell, I speak what I want cause I read.


Who puts the blinders on people that only allow them to think a certain way.  So because I look like “me”,  I’m only confined to what society whispered in your moms/pops ear that she passed on to you to be truth?  Nah not happening over here!

To you small minded people in the world, I invite you take some trips outside of your six block mental dimension of living.  Its ruining our children.  Its keeping you in a mental prison.  Its keeping us back as a whole.  I’ll stand on my soapbox for us all, but everything is so much better with company! Can I get an AMEN!!?!….no? well uh, can i get a hot tub!?! hahah (best line in a commercial!)…hee hee!

Yo, tambien, canto America…..(google translate it…lol)

Chao Bellas

Besitos y Brazos…


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