Now Why You Wanna Go and Do That Love, Huh?


Hear ye, hear ME!

With the recession at an all time high, shortages of karate experts, Lil Wayne was freed, and Bristol Palin is STILL on DWTS, I totally understand (not really) as to why so many of my young, beautiful, and black young ladies would like to take on the likeness of so many of this generations most “influential” people. 

“Why, whom doth thou speaketh of, Eb?”

Welp, I wrote a blog about it, wanna read it here it go…WWWEEEEEEELLLL…..

1. Kat Stacks

On the high end:  She’s spunky, fun, outspoken, seemingly attractive, is the beez kneez in the entertainment world, gets invited to ALL the hot spots, and can get ANY man she wants. She gets paid for doing the things that we lowlife, mediocre, boring good girls do in a monogomous relationship. Basically, she is the IT go to girl for information.  Girl was he good, does he have a nice car, nice house, beaucoup money?  Dish me the dirt!! For a moment ( as in like 0.00005 of a second) I was well on my way to being the president of the fan club!

On the low end:  Although she receives mucho attention, her turn over rate is higher than the African American National Average blood pressure.  I dont wanna have the mentality of a 20 something year old still harboring the horrible past she had at a young age. How defeated do you have to be that you intentionally strive to “out” people in the industry whom you’ve had MAJOR contact with. No man speaks highly of her nor wants to be seen around her.  But my young ladies, if thats who you wanna be like, then be my visitor.  If you were my guest you’d know better!


2. Nicki Minaj

On the high end: She’s gorgeous! no really she is. She has five awesomazing personalities that you should know and love, a buddy booty (you know the kind you can carry around with you and install when needed. COOL!!).  Always surrounded by men who clap to every syllable as they try to get a point a cross, and best of all….uuummmm…moving on…

On the low end: those personalities have a mind of their own. you never know when jlahjdfhahjdfaMONSTER is gonna happen. no bueno chica.  It always baffles me that if you have access to the best of the best then why does her weaves look like the rest?

*sigh* But who am I to speak of such things I just “see right through heeeerrrr, how do i do that ish?”…lol 

(on an EVEN LOWER end, as I googled for a pic of  Nicki Minaj, a pic of Lauryn Hill was in the mix. Miss Hill has enough on her plate already…Thanx MGMT.)

3. Kim Kardashian

On the high end: Gawgeous entrepreneur, opening up stores on each coast of the country, loving supportive family, dates great, attractive men, maintains a decent name (as far as I know), does as she pleases, and has cheek bones to the high heavens.

On the low end: Even with all that beauty and business brains, one must ask (or maybe just me) whats the real deal holyfield on this chick.  I love me some Khloe, but did anyone see the episode where Kim was CLEARLY disturbed that Khloe was getting married… BEFORE her. I mean I’d be upset too if all of my life I’d been praised on my beauty and good looks and when push comes to shove people just like to have me on their arm, their eye candy if you will…hmmm…makes me wonder. Maybe she’s the crazy clingy dont run cuz i’d find you stalker type, i dont know. I wonder what Tyrese would preach to her about? Idk, But I do know that every 3 minutes, every 5 minutes, every 10 minues of everyday a little girl wants to be just like her.


As I bring this to a close, if you are a lady and have the opportunity to be in the midst of other young females of an impressionable age or of the same, be the light that overshadows their darkness.  Mama always said don’t envy people because of what they have.  You don’t know what they did to get it and most def don’t know what they’re doing to keep it.

I used to run away from being a role model because it holds you accountable for your choices. I didn’t want that guilt cloud hovering over my head if a teen I knew went down the wrong path because of something I’d done. But now my eyes are opened and strive to live a life that’s pleasing. I’m not perfect but i am aware that more women of higher thought are needed to grab the hands of this new generation and bring them back.

And no, we aint gotta be all old and wrinkly to make a difference…

Challenge a mind, Change a life…

Chao Bellas,

Besitos y Brazos


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