My Naptural Journey!


Do you know what YESTERDAY was!??!

It was my nappaversary, NAPPAVERSARY!!!!…lol

My laptop and I had a huge falling out.  I pressed her buttons, She gave me the silent treatment.  No hot spots could pick up the signals I was trying to receive  but alas, thats the way love goes. Like amoth to a flame burned by the fire…lol.

ANY HOO, Im not gonna let her get me down.  Laptops come like buses, miss one next 15 (years) one coming…lol.

Im digressing…. so here are some before and after photos of the Big Chop!!


Pre-Arizona Transitoning with Weaves. 9mo run….untiiiiil!
I moved to Arizona and there were NO hair stores in sight! Walmart was around the corner and Super Cuts was up the skreet!! SNIP! SNIP!
Super Cuts is alright with me! Jan 2010
alright lets try this transitioning again! Mind you I was able to wear this top in FEBRUARY in AZ!

Back in the “Sip…still transitioning…July/August 2010 5mo.

dun dun duuuuunnnnn!!! October 22, 2010 THE big day!

few days after BC!

TODAY(well yesterday)!!!! 11/22/10! small change, but I do see the growth!


I’ll be updating in about three months! by then i’ll have some major growth and a nice regimen I can share with the good ol folky folk who reads me blog!


Stay tuned America!!!




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