My Love Is Too…(Insert Adjective)


My love is too genuine, too real, too fragile, too uncompromising to have it thrown back on my face.

 My love is too genuine: although I’m a bit difficult to deal with at times, mostly due to my quick wit and necessity for it all to make sense, if you got me you got “me”. 

 My love is too real:  In my mind, love on my side of the tracks couldnt get no better.  My love gives you a chance to sound like a fool and i call it genius, a chance to mess it all up and try again later, my love gives you a chance to love me.  My love cooks! I’m talking dreaming of the perfect kitchen, grabbing up all kinds of cookbooks, cute lil apron, top of the line pots and pans, slave over a stove on Sunday type cooking and i dont even like doing that! lol! (yep, i dream about it so sue me…lol)

 My love is too fragile:  Though I’m as tough as a tortoise shell, deep inside lies the heart of a woman that longs to be loved as much as she loves. Though tattered and torn, it still jumps at the chance for the fairy tale love story. Alas, no woman/man is perfect. She knows its not gonna happen, but a girl can dream right?

 My love is too uncompromising: Though it sound strange to be uncompromising, but within it lies loyalty.  None other can do.  Certain things, certaing people, certain habits are pushed aside so that there are no ifs, ands, buts, or screen shots that will come between…


Funny thing happened on the days leading up to go and see “For Colored Girls” the new movie from Tyler Perry. Everyone was bashing the film because one name was placed on the front: Tyler Perry. Thinking that it was just another way for him to bash Black men and everything they stand for.  Well to that I say look up a VERY popular, Very similar play called “Vagina Monologues”. Wake up you vain people, it’s not just a Black thing. You’ve been conditioned for much too long I’m afraid. While I am no stranger to Mr Perry’s resume`, and prayed relentlessly that he’d allow the movie to be as true to form as possible, I found one thing to be certain…whether you appreciated, hated, liked, loved, luke warm felt the movie, fact remains he got yo money! Now run tell dat!…homeboy. *wooosaaahhhh*

 The actresses were top-notch and played their characters to a “T”.  The only problem that distracted me a bit was the fact that you couldn’t readily recognize which color they portrayed. That and the other people in the theatre who found a large portion of the movie hilarious.  Maybe I’m too deep or something but I didnt get the joke.*shrugs*. Other than that I was pleased

Now that that is out of the way.  I wanted to go in on the part of the movie that touched me specifically. 

somebody almost run off wit alla my stuff/

& i didnt bring anythin but the kick sway/
 of the perfect ass for my man
& none of it is theirs/  this is mine/ ntozake ‘her own things’ /
 that’s my name/now give me my stuff / i see ya hidin my laugh / & how i sit wif my legs open sometimes /
to give my crotchsome sunlight / & there goes my love my toes my chewed up finger nails / niggah / i want my stuff back /
my rhythms & my voice / open my mouth / & let me talk ya
outta / throwin my shit in the sewar

Now you have to know the play/book/movie to be able to follow. But when Loretta Devine gave life to this particualr piece i got choked up.  Everyone else was cringing when Bo Willie was hanging the kids from the window, or when Lady in Yellow was being raped. But me? I was wondering, “where IS all of my stuff?”
Not the obvious things either: Clothing=Salvation Army,Shoes=Gave away, Furniture=Sold, Me=TBA.  I’ve been through some things, seen some things, heard some things, and through it all have given a little bit of me to every occasion.  I’m also a self diagnosed “giver”.  I “take” very seldomly not wanting to be a burden on others but at the same token wonder where’s my break gonna come. When giving you have no control over what people do with “you”. They need and don’t really take or take and aren’t grateful.  You want to operate in good faith that what you do will soon come back to you.  I’m still waiting on a return on some of “me”.  Just to see it come full circle alleviates the pain a little, right?

Que mas puedo decir….

Besitos y Brazos
Chao Bellas


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