My 5 Non-Negotiables…


Ok I admit I dont watch much television but I do have channels I am VERY faithful to, almost to a fault!

With that said, I LOVE watching Millionaire Matchmaker. Patty plays NO games, nor does she tolerate them.  With every episode whether she’s hooking up a millionairess or a millionaire she always asks them to list and stick to their 5 non negotiables.  Which got me to thinking:

Self: Hey Eb, what are your 5 non-negotiables?

Eb: Well Self, lets have a sit down and ponder em shall we

Self: Cool, but can you fix me a sammich first

Eb: Dont push me…>:o\


Any ways, I sat down and began to think, “what are your 5 ‘nope i’m not going back on this’ things when in a relationship/looking for one?”

So, Im gonna attempt to stop at 5 because with these I realized just how difficult I can truly be…here goes!


5 Non-Negotiables:


1.) Religion: Im a Christian and I know it took a while for me to get to the point I am now so I have a patience. However, him not knowing ANYTHING about where he desires his soul to go should he not wake, I have a problem with that.  No Agnostics, No I believe in a higher being, No I’m gonna do me now and when I get correct I’ll meet you at alter call, No I’m spiritual. Nah sir, cant happen. If you have that much trouble commiting yourself to an unforeseen being then how are you gonna commit yourself to me whom you see daily?

You: Well what if I’m right and there is no God?

Me: Well I will have attempted to live a life thats pleasing.  Honest, simple, and loving…but what if I’m right? and there IS a God?

You: dduuuhhhh….*BUZZER* wrong answer…

Not asking for “holier than thou”, just asking you to make a choice and stand behind it.

2.) HUMOR!!!!!: if any of you have had the opportunity to get to know me then you all have come under attack of my lameness! I LOVES a good laugh! Like I really and truly do! Behind closed doors I make a complete and utter fool of myself! Thank goodness there are no cameras!! Some undeserving people have kept my attention with a great joke or two! If you have no humor, cant find the funny in the sad times, and are always scowling then SKAT! My life is too joyful to have thrown back on my face! If you’re not chipping in to the funny, then you can hit the door honey!…(see LAME!) ahahaha!

3.) Learn me something:  Im not the smartest nor the dumbest but Im a sucker for learning something new.  My attention span is kinda short sometimes and if what you’re presenting isnt interesting or I know already then its pretty much down hill from there. no bueno… I like little known facts, history, culture, language, you name it I’d probably try and find something out about it.  Conversation would be my next one but if you’re able to tell me something I dont know then we can stay riiiiiiggghhht here cuz I’ll ask questions like a 5yr old….lol!

4.) Attractive TO ME: ya see, there’s a difference between being just flat out attractive and being attractive to the one you’re trying to attract. Confused? dont be…Many a celebrity/men in general catch my attention, but after having seen some interviews/level of literacy it just kinda falls off the hawt scale. Let’s face it, I’m probably ugly to somebody and I’m cool with that. What I’m saying is just because you’re considered “fine” where you’re from doesnt mean thats gone play down souf, ya heeeaaarrrdddd…lol.but if you can pull off some gym shorts and a shirt with the sleeves cut out plus high tops. oh boy!*clicks heels*  dont judge


5.) Simple: No, not simple like dumb. Simple like doesnt take much to make you smile.  Simple like a turkey sammich, salt and vinegar chips w/ a Sprite *wink*. Simplicity gets you a long way! Im pretty weird but if you never ask for anything I’d probably try and give you everything.  I mean, who wants to think about whether or not the person is going to like what you bought or how much was spent. thats stressful! and trust I can tell if someone is going to be simple or plain ol unrealistic. A simple compliment, a simple good morning call, a simple brush of the hand, you get the point.  You get so much more when you ask for less…


Life is so much better when we can just be ourselves and allow the other person to be them.

Real, Honest, and Free…

Any other non-negotiables?

Chao Bellas

Besitos y Brazos…


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