Girl: You know I called you, right? Boy: Yeah, I text you back…


Alright, alright, alright, alright…


So this. right here. fell in. my lap. SOULJA!


Caso Uno: (This morning via my BBM discussion group)

Ring: Michelle answers: Hello? 

Mr. Ex BF: Michelle, what you doing?

Michelle: oh nothn, setting my hair about to get under the dryer. Whats up? 

Mr. Ex BF: uh Michelle, will you marry me?

Michelle: Uh, what…wait a minute lemme turn the dryer off. What now?

Mr Ex BF: Will you marry me?

Michelle: Are you serious?

Mr Ex BF: Yeah!

Michelle: No! why would you ask me that over the phone?!

Mr Ex BF: Mane, dont nobody do that gettn down on one knee stuff no more. That was back in the 80’s and 90’s!

Michelle: *click* dial tone*sits under dryer*

(names changed and situation spruced up a bit to add life! its alive, its aliiiiiiiiiive!!!!)

Ultimate question at hand: Have things really changed that much that the traditional male on his knee has fallen victim to phone calls vs face to face proposals?

Caso Dos:  Girl goes out with friends to dinner. Boy goes out with friends for drinks. Boy sees Girl on the way to the ladies room and plots his next move. Girl comes from powder room and feels weird. Looks up and Boy is staring for real for real. Boy makes his way to Girl. Convo starts. Drink is purchased. Numbers exchange. @mention’d on the tweeter. BBM *wink* face received. Been in deep relational SKRONG textual contact ever since!

What’s missing in Caso Dos that Caso Uno has? A friggn phone call durr!…lol. It’s more common than you think!


No bueno papi’s…

I don’t have all of the answers but one thing I do like to do is find the facts before I talk smack! So in doing research to answer a seemingly popular issue I found that Michelle isn’t the only one. Apparently, many people are relying on other forms of communication to jumpstart relationships, friendships, and yes proposals as well.  It’s almost kind of scary how much time we spend individually bbm’ing, tweeting, texting, im’ing, etc.  Im guilty of ALL of the above so hopefully through this I’ll find therapy.

Any hoo, just how important is it to see emotions on people’s faces? How often do we mistake the tone of voice, text, bbm, tweet to be offensive?  In this technologically saavy society, are we really just dumbing ourselves down to a pulp? Sacrificing the importance of actually being social for that of a simple send button and an array of emoticons to choose from?

Had Michelle said yes to Mr Ex BF’s proposal, would she be saying yes to a happy fulfilling marriage? or to a marriage filled with an inbox of love, voicemails to capacity, and lonliness?

Does Girl ever get a decent phone call from Boy and asked properly out on a date? Will she even answer if he calls? Are we so afraid of rejection that we dont even try? Ignoring phone calls and texts, is this really what its all about?  *shrugs* i dont know thats why I’m asking ya’ll shoot!…lol

*Cues Commercial*

Do you suspect your mate is facebook cheating and @mentions their lovers on twitter and blogs about how boring you are as a person and you want them to take a lie detecter test to find out?  

Call 1-888-140CHARACTERS…

Until next time America….

Chao Bellas

besitos y brazos


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